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Natural HCG Alternative for Weight Loss

“Docs STIMULUS Drops are the GOLD STANDARD in Professional grade homeopathic weight loss drops.”


Docs Stimulus Drops are an all natural weight loss solution. Lose weight fast keep it off with this homeopathic alternative to the common HCG diet.  This system consists of a specific diet and homeopathic drops that go hand-in-hand for success.  Our homeopathic formula is 100% natural, has NO side effects, and contains no actual HCG hormone.  Docs Stimulus Drops uses the molecular structure of HCG and other proven ingredients to see rapid results without the harm of adding hormones to your body.

Although Docs Stimulus Drops is based out of the Boise, Meridian, Nampa Idaho area, we serve the wight loss needs of clients all over the country though our HCG Drops weight loss program.


Docs Stimulus Drops are a homeopathic alternative to the common HCG diets the market. It is a diet and homeopathic drop that go hand-in-hand for success. One will not work without the other. Our homeopathic formula is 100% natural, has no side affects, and contains no actual HCG hormone. Docs Stimulus Drops uses the MOLECULAR STRUCTURE of HCG and the science behind this weigh loss philosophy to see rapid results without the harm of adding hormones to your body.


The diet consists of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit. If you do not deviate from the food choices provided and consume according to the instructions outlined in the protocol, along with the drops 3x per day, you may lose an average of 1 pound per day. The Weight Loss phase is a minimum of 23 days or until you reach your goal. Once you’ve reached your goal, you continue the meal protocol without drops in the Lock-in phase for 23 days. Minimum time on Docs Stimulus Drops is a total of 46 days depending on your goals and commitment to the program. Unlike most diets that are only addressing the symptom of weight gain, the homeopathic component of this program stimulates the self healing process to correct how your body regulates your metabolism, stored fat, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and more. This results in PERMANENT results as long as you maintain a reasonable healthy, balanced diet. The strict protocol diet is only temporary. Once you’ve reached your goal, you have a clean slate and are ready to easily maintain your new weight.


Finally, our formula is patented by Dr Stockwell, a naturopathic doctor and homeopathist.  Each batch is made by hand, the “old fashioned way”, to ensure an active vibration and optimum results.  There are cheaper versions on the market, but you cannot guarantee their quality (or ingredients), or that they work. This is truly a case of “you get what you pay for”. With more than 10,000 clients, we have seen 100% success by those who faithfully follow the protocol & work closely with their coach.


HCG Drops Weight Loss Plan from Boise to the entire Country.

Dr. Stockwell formulated Docs Stimulus Drops using the highest quality, all natural ingredients. This proprietary homeopathic blend is HAND MADE, the old fashioned way, to insure that each bottle is 100% effective in providing permanent weight loss without loss of health.

Along with our homeopathic DROPS and patented PROTOCOL, each individual is assigned a professional weight loss “COACH” who will personally “MENTOR” and guide you toward healthy goals and success. These health care practitioners are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide encouragement, correction, guidance and a sense of accountability. We have a 100% success rate with those individuals who work closely with their personal “coaches”.

Price to get started is $150 (plus shipping) and includes…


    • – Docs Stimulus Drops Protocol: detailed instructions, recipes, product recommendations, food journal and measurements log, and reference card to take with you wherever you go


    • – Docs Stimulus Drops: 35-40 day supply (depending on how accurately they are administered)


  • – Docs Stimulus Drops Practitioner: You will be able to contact your practitioner via phone, text, email if you have any questions, need encouragement, or want to share your successes. We’re available to coach you to your goal.