1. Anyone can lose weight on a low-calorie diet. Why should I use your drops?
a. Yes. Most people can lose weight on a low-calorie diet, BUT they will be hungry AND they will lose Structural and Storage fat first then muscle mass. AND when they start to eat normally again, they gain Structural and Storage fat and their muscle back AND their weight goes back up. Our homeopathic drops formula is designed to take off UN-necessary fat only. Our drops have a remedy that takes your hunger away, so you will be able to get by on 800 to 950 calories. And the main remedy tells your brain to burn ONLY UN-necessary fat. Your hypothalamus “fat set point” will soften up and reset at a lower level during the weight loss protocol.

2. What are HOMEOPATHIC drops?
a. Homeopathy is a system of medical practice that treats a symptom by the administration of minute doses of a remedy.
In other words… If you have the symptom of “overweight” you can inject a medicine (hormone, hcg) OR you can use a very minute dose of that very same hormone and accomplish the same end result without injecting another persons hormone into your body.



3. How are the homeopathic drops used?
a. Dr. Hahnemann MD, in the late 1700s discovered that if you placed a very small amount of a remedy UNDER the tongue, it worked better than by mouth. Therefore, we suggest that you take the drops UNDER the tongue, 3 times per day, at least 15 minutes away from food.



4. How did you determine what to put in the drops?
a. I am a homeopathic manufacturer and have a certain expertise in homeopathy. I chose some of the remedies that, historically, have been show to help patients solve some of the problems that CAUSE weight gain. We made up 6 formulas with different remedies in them. Then we did a three week study and kept the statistics on each one weekly. The formula we use now is the one that produced….1. a 26.6 pound average weight loss. 2. no hunger 3. Lowered blood sugar levels on those with high sugar levels. 4. Lowered high blood pressure on those with HBP. 5. Lowered serum Cholesterol toward normal 6. Lowered Triglycerides toward normal. 7. Reduced depression 8. Reduced GERD on one patient. 9. Improved health overall. AND had NO Weight loss FAILURES.
Two of the formulas we tested didn’t do well. One formula (that is currently being manufactured by another company and sold on the Internet) caused rashes. One formula didn’t work and the other 4 did well…..one exceptionally well.
That is the one we sell and guarantee to work.



5. Will it “go bad” if not kept in the refrigerator.
a. No. This remedy is made the old fashioned way and will be good for 100 years if kept away from microwave, cell phones, motors and heat.



6. How are the Drops made?
a. The Drops are hand-made the “old fashioned” way, and are guaranteed to work. They are not made on a machine or “imprinted” like most Drops sold on the market today.


7. How long will the bottle last?
a. The 1 ounce bottle has at least a 35 day supply in it and 41.6 days if used as directed. The 2 ounce bottle is an 80 day supply.



8. Will I lose as much weight on the “drops” as with the injections?
a. On the “Study” we had a woman who had been on the injections and had lost significant weight. She was waiting to go on the injections again but decided to “try” the homeopathic drops. She ended up getting the “next to the best” drops (on the study) and said that they worked better and with less hunger than the injections. I have had 3 patients who have been on the injections, that have tried the drops and say they work better with less hassle. And the drops are a lot less expensive than the injections AND you won’t be hungry on the drops.



9. Your drops are more expensive than some I have seen. Why?
a. Our drops are made the old fashioned, proven, way and are guaranteed to work. AND we have Weight Loss Coaches to HELP when you have a question or are in need of help. Making our drops is a labor intensive manufacturing method with the best ingredients AND a study to back up our claims.
Some of the less expensive drops being sold on the Internet are being “imprinted”. The way they make them is by using an imprinting instrument. It has 2 “wells” where bottles can be placed. The “wells” are connected by wires. They place a bottle of “real” homeopathic drops in one well and a bottle of plain alcohol and water in the other ”well” and leave it awhile. Not much labor or expense involved and “they say” that they can COPY other peoples formulas (which I doubt). It is kind of like taking some persons’ scientific paper, copying it and selling it as your own. They don’t need any Homeopathic education….only a copy (imprinting) machine. They claim that the plain bottle is “imprinted” and identical to the other “real” homeopathic remedy. I have used them on patients (not knowing at the time that they were “imprinted”), and they didn’t work very well to start and lost all their effect as time went on. In my experience, imprinted remedies don’t work well at all.
There are many people selling Drops on the Internet, who claim to be experts…. They “make up” most of their information just to promote their products and make money. There is so much misinformation on these sites that if they were the only ones selling, I wouldn’t purchase. Read the information and if you don’t feel comfortable with the rhetoric, go to to another site.



10. What do they taste like?
a. They taste like 20% alcohol. They aren’t unpleasant tasting. If you are opposed to the taste, dilute them in a teaspoon full of water.



11. Do I have to stop after 43 days?
a. No. The homeopathic drops can be used until you get to your target weight. If you have over 100 pounds to lose you may want to take a breather after 80 to 90 days BUT you don’t need to.



12. What is the Protocol for taking these drops?
a. When you order Docs Stimulus Drops the first time, you will get the protocol book. It will explain everything but if you don’t understand or if you have questions…call your “coach”. She/he will be able to answer your questions and provide encouragement.