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“Docs STIMULUS Drops are the GOLD STANDARD in Professional grade homeopathic weight loss drops.”

Once Available only through health-care practitioners, Docs Stimulus Drops are the Original homeopathic “ALTERNATIVE” to the traditional “hcg hormone” diet.

Dr. Stockwell formulated Docs Stimulus Drops using the highest quality, all natural ingredients. This proprietary homeopathic blend is HAND MADE, the old fashioned way, to insure that each bottle is 100% effective in providing permanent “abnormal” fat loss without loss of health.

Extensive testing was done before we ever released them to the public.  Our program is a safe, health building, fast weight loss solution.  No exercise necessary.  No prepackaged foods needed.

Docs Stimulus Drops are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our Copyrighted “Revised” Protocol. This professional “manual” provides a step by step guide to your weight loss success, along with food journals, measurement charts, and delicious recipes to spice up your daily meal plan.


Along with our proprietary homeopathic DROPS and PROTOCOL, each individual is assigned a professional weight loss “COACH” who will personally “MENTOR” and guide you toward healthy goals and success. These health care practitioners are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have and to provide encouragement, correction, guidance and a sense of accountability. We have a 100% success rate with those individuals who work closely with their personal “coaches”.


When followed correctly, Docs Stimulus Drops are GUARANTEED to provide Fast, Healthy weight loss WITHOUT Hunger, Exercise or prepackaged foods!
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