Going out of town for vacation and work trips. I plan on staying as close to the plan as possible, no desserts, no alcohol. However I can accidentally have too much sodium or sugars from the way the food is cooked. What should I do when I return? What would be the best way to get back on track?

Eat as close to Protocol as possible, then perform a "Remedy Day" when you return,
(An "apple day" or a "steak day").
This will help get your program back on track.
If you plan for these vacation "cheats" by performing Remedy Days the day BEFORE you cheat, & the day after... then you are less likely to stall out from the sugars & fats that you get from eating out.
If you have further questions about this, please call Rebecca at  (208)867-1002.

• Thank you for your availability to answer questions. I am used to using Sugar-Free Metamucil for diverticulosis. I notice in “the book” that plain psylium is recommended — purchased some, but is very difficult to swallow–is there any reason I cannot use the SF Metamucil? Thanks so much!

• I have been on a local program for 6 weeks, using HCG sub-lingual tablet daily. This program requires coming off for 3 weeks, and I am in this 3 week phase now. Have just discovered a local medical practice using the drops, and there is a support group 🙂 Question is, do I need to start the drops with the 2 day Force Feed when I purchase and begin the drops?

• Anyone have any good dressing recipes?

• I am starting my program this weekend, and I had two quick questions: I found a recipe for homemade jello using plain gelatin, stevia, and either unsweetened kook aid or lemon/lime juice. Would this be okay to use instead of sugar free jello? I don’t want to use Splenda. Second, I found this product called a Miracle Noodle;have you heard of it? Can we use them on the eating plan? Thanks for your help.

• I have to go out of town for 4 days to a conference and all the meals are included. Could I stop and then restart with the load after this trip?

• I have two questions. First can you clarify what you can put in your dinner salad? Also can you have a salad for lunch with your protein and can it have other veggies from the list on it or just lettuce and protein?

• How is losing 13 lbs in 4 weeks safe?! I’ve always been told by doctors, nurses, dietitians that it’s not safe to lose so much in such a short period of time. I’ve been told significant and healthy weight loss is a long, drawn-out process, for it to be safe. Please explain!

• I am just starting the program and am a little confused about the timing of taking the drops. It says 15 minutes before a meal, then somewhere it talks about 2 hours. Can you clarify that?

• I am thinking about doing the drops, however, I am currently on a generic form of Prozac. Are there any Rx interactions I need to be aware of before starting the drops?

• I know on the diet you can have a “cheat day” and there are two ways to get quickly back on the diet. What about during the lock-in phase. What do you do then if you have a “cheat day”? My son’s graduation will be near the end of my lock in period and we are having a big party for him. Thanks.

• are they safe to take when on Warfarin ( Coumadin)?

• I had fabulous results using the HCG drops a couple of years ago. However life happens and I found that weight I had lost. Grrrrrrr. So I am finding myself back at square one. I want to know if this is okay to do one more time? I am on my first day of the 23 day protocol. Had fun for the first 2 days. : ) Now I am ready to lose! I am down to serious business! Just hearing people say it is not good to lose and regain and lose again makes a person feel like a failure and I have heard it all. I know I can do this. But I have heard “it is not good to use those HCG drops more than one time”. So I just really want to know is it ok? What I do know that is not okay is staying heavy and risking my health one more time. I am feeling like I have the power within me to do this one more time and to keep it off this time forever. Thank you for any help. ~ Terri

• how can I download a copy of your protocol?

• Re alcoholism, the problem is just like an allergy. My wife (and all recovering alcoholics) can’t use products with alcohol, the same as someone with a peanut allergy can’t use products with peanuts. Dilution doesn’t make the allergy go away; my wife and all other recovering alcoholics have a zero tolerance. So, do you have a formulation with zero alcohol?


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