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    FINALLY! After more than thirteen years of every diet plan out there and countless doctor’s visits, I have lost my excess weight and I feel great! My doctors always said I was healthy but I had to eat less and work out more. So, I tried at least a dozen diets, I tried many diet AND exercise plans together ­ nothing worked! Every year, I just gained more and more weight!

    With the combined approach of the Docs STIMULUS Drops, the special eating plan, and Rebecca as my coach, I was able to lose the weight quickly without ANY hunger or cravings! I am thin and fit, full of energy, and my other mysterious health issues have disappeared, as well! As long as I stick to quality, homemade foods, I can easily maintain my weight and I no longer suffer from joint pain, insomnia, strange skin rashes, and high anxiety!

    Thank you so much!
    Theresa D.





    I lost 82lbs in 4 1/2 months using Doc’s Stimulus Drops! I started my weight loss journey on May 1, 2014 weighing in at 290lbs. My brother introduced me to the program after he and his wife started the same program. I have never needed to diet before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I had tried to workout in the past and lost interest quickly and of course never lost any real weight. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. I was never hungry, started feeling great, eating healthy and was able to incorporate the healthy eating style after finishing the program. It was amazing to get on the scale and lose weight everyday – with no exercise! I reached my goal weight on September 19, 2014 of 208lbs. I have been able to maintain this for the last 4 months. While I was losing weight everyone always asked me how I was doing it – I explained the process and brought them to the meeting with me! If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, see daily results and learn to eat healthy again – this is for you!
    Lance M. – Age 34








    I have tried so many different weight loss diets but this time with the drops, I wasn’t hungry and didn’t crave fats and sugars. I have enjoyed being able to be in this test study. My mood has been good and I have never felt grumpy of deprived. It has been a good experience. I lost 15# in 3 weeks and another 5 since the study ended.

    Sharon B.





    Hi Rebecca,

    I am excited to send you before and after photos of my husband. He has lost most of the weight he wanted to lose and will continue for a few more weeks before the lock-in phase.
    Mitch has struggled with his weight for most of his adult life and over our 26 years of marriage he has tried lots of fad diets. This is the first weight-loss program that gave him results. He has not been tired, hungry nor irritable. It’s quite an amazing product.
    Mitch got up to 300 pounds. He was diagnosed with diabetes and came down to 265 but later discovered that the diabetes causes this initial natural weight loss and the doctor told him he had to lose much more.
    Dr. Bruce Lantelme of Robinhood Integrative Health, here in Winston-Salem, NC, directed him to take your “Doc’s Stimulus Drops” and Mitch began this journey. I feel comfortable that this is all done under his Doctor’s care and they have monitored his health all along.
    He started the drops on January 18th of this year and weighed 266.5 lbs. and has since lost 74 pounds. His weight is now at 192.5 lbs.
    Mitch looks great, feels fantastic, has loads of energy and most importantly his sugars are within normal levels. He turned 49 yesterday and looks younger than he did 5 years ago. Thank you so much for this remarkable product. I don’t normally write letters like this but I am just so glad to have my husband back and in good health.
    I will have to tell you that he is the talk of this area and folks are flocking in to see Dr. Lantelme to try this product. A friend of mine walked in to his office recently and said, “Whatever you are giving Mitch Garrison, that’s what I want”.

    Keep up the good work!
    Elaine G.





















    I have previously taken the HCG “shots” and did well on them. I kept a daily diary of what I ate and how much I weighed. On these drops I have lost more weight and felt better than in the same time period while on the “shots”. I think these drops work better.

    Jackie W.





    I have struggled with my weight for years. I, like everyone else, have tried many diets and exercise programs with little or no success. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to make it on 750 calories a day. After the first couple of days, I started to feel great.(The first 2 days are “load up days” where you take the drops and eat normally). And before I knew it the weight was coming off. I felt good and my confidence in this program began to rise. It motivated me to continue to eat healthy. I am fitting into sizes that I have not been in for years. This has been the most weight loss I have experienced with any program. I have not been fatigued or tired, like I was with other low calorie diets. I lost 19 pounds in 36 days. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to either take a little weight off or a lot. I know that I still have more weight to lose but this was a great way to start and I look forward to doing another round.

    Michelle E.





    In the last 10+ years I found myself putting on weight. I wanted to lose but found the dietary restrictions and exercise programs were hard to maintain. I am a software engineer and was quite skeptical of a 750 calorie diet with drops. But after the first week I had lost 15 pounds, I began to feel better and get use to the 750 calories. The weight loss motivated me to continue to eat healthy. I am fitting into clothes that I have not been in for years and my energy level surprises me, I haven’t felt this energetic in years. I have been using the drops for 42 days and have lost 40 pounds. The main keys for me were to do this diet with my wife, plan, shop, and prepare meals together. Going to work, I made sure I packed my lunch so I would not be tempted to eat out.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to take weight off. I know that I have more weight to lose but this was a great way to start and I am motivated to continue eating right and to do another round of the drops.

    David E.






    I am reporting my weight 171 and down to 154 this morning. AnnaBelle has lost the same amount and she is down to 170 slightly plus.. I plan to finish the drops which is about 1/2 inch left in the bottle then I will go on my lock-in. Just a few more days. It has not given me any side effects at all. It has been great. Thank you for telling me about it. I have people who are interested in it but thinks 750 calories is too few. It’s their loss. Hasn’t hurt us any..






    Dear Dr. Stockwell,

    I started using the slimming drops (DocsStimulusDrops) in the later part of July. Since starting on the weight loss protocol I have lost 50 lbs. I look and feel so much better, I get around easier I have more energy and I have gone off of one of my blood pressure medications. I have also had to reduce the pressure on my CPAP machine and I will probably go off of it completley very soon. I hope to reach my goal weight by the end of October at which time I will be off of all high blood pressure meds. and be free of the CPAP machine. this really has been the easiest and fastest weight loss program I have ever tried and I have tried a lot.
    Thank you for turning me on to this program.

    Sincere thanks,
    Brent W.
    (Brent started his weight loss with Docs Drops in 2010 and in a couple of months lost 50# and gave us this testimonial. He stayed on the program until he achieved his goal weight. A few months ago in 2015, we contacted him to see how he was doing and get an “after” photo. He sent these. He looks and feels great, his health if great and he has a new job and a great “life”.)





    Hi Doc,

    I’m on the drops now and have lost 11 lbs. in 6 days. I missed dinner one night when we had a meeting go really late, and I didn’t get a break until after 9, so I just didn’t eat that night. This morning I was up .2 lbs, do I need to do a chicken day, or should I just keep going like I am? It’s interesting, I have to force myself to eat, I’m just not hungry at all.

    Tammy E.





    I’m not sure how to start this I’ve never written anything about a product for weight loss because nothing has ever worked before. I lost 60 pounds in the first six weeks. Yes I said 60 since I have continued to loose a total of 87 pounds. I took a break for about two weeks and I am mid week for my first week back and already lost 4 pounds. I do have a long ways to go more than most but I have never before seen results so fast.even on my two weeks off I noticed a difference on the food I could eat. while not placing restrictions on myself I craved the veggies and could not eat near the capacity I could before. I contribute a lot of this to the drops but have a little advice for anyone who is going to try this. First trust it people all over have gotten fantastic results. Second make the decision for you, but make it don’t ride the fence and say we will see, go for it all you have to loose is the weight. Third Make it fit your lifestyle and your needs. I move things from my meals to break up my day with smaller meals it helps keep me going with the same amount of calories. Also find out what your eating triggers are so you can avoid them and pay attention and most important find a support group. or a group of supporters. A big chunk of my family started this with me and While I was the biggest and needed this the most everyone worked just as hard and always let me know how well I was doing. Also forgive yourself if you mess up and get back on and moving forward the worst thing you could do is stop for just a moment when this could be the rest of your life.

    Good Luck
    Casey J.





    Dr. Stockwell,

    I personally want to lose 50lbs, so I will probably have to do the drops twice. But I started them this weekend and since Sunday I have lost 8lbs! I’m having no problem with the eating and not being hungry. My friend is the one struggling (she is exercising and not eating enough protein). I just was wanting to make sure that I was following it to a T because I want to be able to lose the maximum weight that I can while on this. I am working out 3 days a week doing a spinning class and two other aerobic classes. Should I not do those, or just make sure I eat more protein on those days? If so how much more? Thanks for taking the time to help me. I am loving this diet!!






    I’ve lost 31 lbs and 2 dress sizes in four weeks, so I believe I’m doing
    real well. Sorry I haven’t kept you updated, I have Julia for the summer
    and she keeps me really busy.

    Thanks so much,





    Dr. Stockwell,

    The information you sent me was very helpful. Just so as you know I have been on the diet for 13 days and lost 18.2 pounds. YEA!! We did an apple day after Thanksgiving and we both lost weight on Saturday morning, I was very careful on Thursday and lost weight on Friday, double wow!






    “I took the Docs Stimulus Drops” for 3 months & completed the 23 day lock in. Lost 35 pounds (all I needed to lose). I ate like a pig during the first 2 months off the drops. I had my yearly physical and the Doctor was so amazed. My cholesterol was perfect, my triglycerides were great, Blood pressure perfect. The Doctor said “you are to healthy for me. I’ll see you in a year.”
    My husband and I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and I ate royally. Then the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and New Years I ate like a pig. I only gained 8 pounds during all that time and now, since the first of the year and eating normal again and an apple day, I have lost 5 of that. I’m 75 years young and while in Hawaii we hiked up the mountain two hours and I out did my children. I had no breathing problems at all.
    Dr. Stockwell is Great!






    I needed to lose 25 to 30 pounds and have never used drugs so didn’t want to go that route. I tried exercising and lost a few pounds but couldn’t make enough time to go that route. We formulated 6 weight loss products (one formula is sold online a lot, but it failed in our trial). I enrolled 30 participants including myself in the double blind study….5 on each of the products.
    Here are the results for 3 weeks.
    1 product didn’t work…everyone quit the diet because of hunger or fatigue or ?
    1 group produced an average weight loss of 12 pounds.
    One 13.3 pounds, one 15 one 18.5, and the best group lost 26.6 pounds in 3 weeks without hunger, fatigue or mental anguish.

    I was in the 18.5 pound group and lost 21 pounds in 3 weeks and another 2 pounds during the “lock in” phase. Also the best group lowered their blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and one participant had high blood pressure that normalized during the trial. We now manufacture and sell the best formula as “Docs Stimulus Drops”.
    If you are interested in this program you can find out about it at www.DocsStimulusDrops.com.

    Dr. Ross





    23 pounds are gone, as well as the high glucose and cholesterol! Blood work up is all in the normal range! Thanks to the Docs Stimulus Drops, I can now fit into size 6 pants. Sending those size 10’s to the Youth Ranch. Keeping the weight stabilized has been easy since I watch my carb intake, drink my water and eat healthy. My Dr. is thrilled with the new me, since he had diagnosed me with metobolic syndrome. My stomach was the first thing you saw about me. A big help has been getting off Diet Coke!! Habits can be broken! Gotta have that soda??? drink Zevia or Blue Lakes instead to stay away from aspartame. The Food Coop carries them both. Two months and holding!!

    Jan K.





    We all know who he is [Dr. Stockwell] and what he’s done. I’m living proof. Today, they took liver disease, high blood pressure and sleep apnea off my medical chart! This diet has saved my life Rebecca. How grateful I am and the only way I can show my gratitude is to live and to teach others how to do this good thing Doc has given us the correct tools to do. My gratitude fills me when I think of how much different life would be right now if I had not taken that chance. I hope to become an inspirational speaker and represent our drops. I want to show people that there is HOPE! Life is such a blessing! To live it without constant pain—there are no words suitable to describe the joy I feel today. I”m not quite done yet. I plan on being done soon. I’ll know when I’m thin enough and healthy enough to stop. It’s a great feeling.

    Thanks for letting me know this info!

    Have you ever thought about having a conference call with all your practitioners? I’d love to have a training like that. It would be wonderful.






    Before taking Doc Drops I was 100 lbs overweight. I felt like I was sinking. My husband had stage 4 cancer and it has been very stressful this last several years. During that time I gained 30 extra pounds onto a body that was already 70 pounds overweight. The first of November I broke a jaw tooth; it was so rough that I had a hard time talking. When I got to the dentist several days later, the hygienist took my blood pressure 3 different times but each time it was 200 plus over 100 plus. I knew she wouldn’t put a temporary crown on it. Thankful she did file it so I could talk. My dentist sent me home and advised me to see my doctor because my blood pressure was so high. She would not even take care of my broken tooth. OUCH. I did not want to go on medication because I knew in my heart what I needed to do to correct my problem. So after Lorraine posted her pictures, I gave her a call and started taking my Docs Drops on November 12, 2010. Fourteen weeks later I have removed, melted, thrown away 60 pounds!! I feel so much better; I get compliments everywhere I go. It has been so easy. I’m hardly ever hungry. I no longer live to eat, I now eat to live!

    I have an appointment today to have my tooth fixed, I’m looking forward to having my blood pressure taken, I took it yesterday and it was 120 over 65. Yay. I would also like to report that the doctors told my husband that as of January 2011 he is cancer free!!!!!  We are on the way to the dermatologist now for him to get a full body scan.  We trust the Lord and know we will get a good report.

    Janet P.





    In the past I’ve  tried losing weight with diet and exercise, I have lost a few pounds but it feels like it takes forever. I weighed in at 250 lbs when I decided to start doc’s stimulus drops and 4 1\2  months later I locked in at 190lbs. There is no way I could have lost that much weight with diet and exercise unless I quit my job and worked out 8 hrs a day, but who could actually do that? Doc’s stimulus drops was the best fit for me to lose weight. The diet protocol was hard to stick to with people around you eating candy bars and cookies, but well worth it.  Hearing the amount of food you get to eat doesn’t sound like enough but with the appetite suppressant that is in the drops you will not be hungry, some times I didn’t even want to finish all of my food. The best thing is if you have any problems at all, Rebecca will help you get back on track and she is very good at what she does. Doc’s stimulus  drops  has changed my life in every aspect, I get complements all the time and I’m even training to run a half marathon right know. Life is so much better when your not carrying the extra weight of a 10 year old around your belly.

    Living proof it works!

    Drue M.





    I started on July 10th…’loading’ on cheesecake at a restaurant in Freeport NY with my friend Diane. Now another friend said I look like “Boom Chicka Boom Boom!” My cardiologist has given the Docs Stimulus Drops HCG Homeopathic protocol 2 thumbs up! Arrhythmia is GONE! My family physician asked what I was doing at his office my last visit. I told him I just wanted to see my blood work. All my health issues- GONE! Lab work is near perfect! Docs Stimulus Drops protocol is quick and easy to follow. It’s amazing! I have given away 4 closets of clothes. I am back to size 16 (L) and looking forward to size 10-12 by Feb. Shoe size down from 11 wide to 9 1/2 med, minus 11 inches on the waist and my chest size from 44 to 36, and ring size 9 to 6! I started line dancing this week. I am at the gym 2 days a week. Is this really happening? I am the person who does not like to exercise. I have my health back. I am a bundle of energy…and looking forward to sharing the protocol with as many as I can!

    20lbs more to go!!!

    Very Grateful to God, Lawrence Smith and Dr. Ross Stockwell and their families for bringing this to ME! It cost $140.00 per bottle. The average weight loss is 26lbs however others loose 20-40lbs.

    Love, light, joy and gratitude,
    Lorraine P. 🙂

    919-605-3973 cell





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